This drink scream summertime!! There’s nothing better than when sweet watermelon and spicy jalapeño combine! I’m weak when it comes to any type of spicy margarita. It’s a go-to of mine when going to any type of event or restaurant.


My husband and I actually got married in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This is extremely fitting since I love the beach and Mexican food more than anything! I grew up in south Texas so I think my love for spicy food runs in my blood! Every day at the resort in Mexico I ordered spicy margaritas and never grew sick of them. After our wedding we then moved on to our honeymoon in Tulum, Mexico. It was there, where I tasted the best spicy watermelon margarita. Once we returned back to the states, I was determined to recreate this drink. and sure enough, I did!


prep time: 5 minutes
total time: 1 hour 5 minutes


1 cup fresh watermelon
1 tbsp water
1.5 oz. tequila blanco
1/2 jalapeño
1 tsp simple syrup
2 tbsp lime juice
1 tbsp margarita salt
1/2 tsp chili powder


In a blender, add watermelon and water. Blend on high till there are no more chunks. Filter watermelon juice through a strainer to remove all the pulp.

Add watermelon juice and jalapeño together in a bowl and let sit for an 1-6 hours. This will release all the spiciness from the jalapeño into the juice. Strain the juice to remove the jalapeño.

To salt the rim of the glass you must first make the salt mixture. Mix together chili powder and margarita salt. Put salt mix on a small flat plate. Rub the rim of your glass with a lime wedge then dip it into the salt mixture. (The lime juice will make the salt stick). After you salt the glass, add ice to the top of the glass.

In a cocktail shaker: Add ice, tequila, simple syrup, lime juice, and 3/4 cup watermelon juice. Shake well and pour over ice into salted glass.

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